'All of our frozen products are manufactured to the highest standard, using quality ingredients collected from EEC approved establishments, where they are passed fit for human consumption. They are immediately refrigerated and fully processed within 24 hours of collection'

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New Lines 
Whole Rabbits £4.00 each 
Duck Hearts £2.20 a KG 
Rabbit Bones £2.50 a KG 
Turkey Wings £2.00 a KG
Lamb Horns        50p each

Minced Choice Chunks 12x454g £8.40

Minced Beef 14x454g £9.80
Minced Beef & Chicken 14x454g £9.80
Minced Beef & Heart 14x454g £9.80
Minced Beef & Liver 14x454g £9.80
Minced Beef & Tripe 14x454g £9.80
Minced Chicken & Tripe 14x454g £9.80
Minced Lamb 14x454g £9.80
Minced Meaty Mince 14x454g £9.80
Minced Turkey 14x454g £9.80

Minced Chicken & Lamb 14x454g £10.50
Minced Chicken & Liver 14x454g £10.50
Minced Chicken & Oily 14x454g £10.50
Minced Pork & Tripe 14x454g £10.50

Minced Tripe & Heart 14x454g £11.20
Minced Oily Fish 14x454g £11.20
Minced Heart 14x454g £11.20


Beef Chunks 2kg Bag £4.40

Tripe Chunks 2kg Bag £4.40

Heart Chunks 2kg Bag £4.80

Chicken Chunks 2kg Bag £5.00

Salmon Chunks 2kg Bag £5.00

Beef Shank Mini Each 35p

Beef Shank Large Each 55p

Pheasant Heads 2pk 50p

Chicken Heads 2pk 50p

Chicken Filled Hoof Each 55p

Tripe Filled Hoof Each 55p

Rabbit Heads (Skinned) Each 75p

Beef Throat Stuffed Each 80p

Salmon Heads 2pk £1.60

FR Chicken Liver 500g £1.60

Rabbit Liver 500g £1.80

Paddy Wack 1kg £2.00

FR Turkey Feet 1kg £2.00

FR Chicken Feet 1kg £2.10

FR Duck Feet 1kg £2.10

Dried Pigs Snout Each 40p

Dried Pigs Ears Each 85p

Salmon Oil 100g £4.00

Dorwest Keeps Mix 250g £10.45