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Flees/ Worms/Parasites

No More Bites - £7.70 for 50ml

Herbal flea treatment for pets.
A complete solution for dealing with fleas and ticks. Can be used as a preventative spot on treatment or to treat infestations.

Mouth/Teeth/Nose/Eyes & Ears

Bright Eyes - £3.30 for 20ml

Soothing eye cream.
Unblock lower ducts that cause tear staining and encourage upper lids to produce tears to soothe dry eyes. Bright eyes soothing eye cream also relieves symptoms of cherry eye. Contains: a natural herbal ointment base, aqua mel, witch hazel & homeopathic arnica 30c.

Doggy Nose Balm - £4.40 for 20ml

Moisturising balm for dry, sore, dehydrated noses. Contains: vitamin e based cream & natural black colouring for added shine

Ear Ya Go! Cleaner - £5.50 for 50ml

Ear ya go! cleaner for clean & healthy ears. Keep upper ears clean and healthy with this all-natural formulation featuring wild sage, wild thyme, aqueous extract, wild marjoram in an organic cyder vinegar base

Shampoos & Grooming

No More Bites - £3.30 for 150ml ( Coconut Scent)

A natural and chemical free shampoo for pets and animals. Contains coconut surfactant foaming and cleansing agent, natural sea salt, camomile aqueous extracts, aqua and vitamin E based conditioner.

Support Powders

That's Foul - £16.50 for 265ml

Added to food daily, to deter animals from eating their faeces. Contains, physillian husk, flax, alfalfa, turmeric, cayenne, fennel & yeast.

Bottoms Up - £16.50 for 265ml

To ease anal discomfort. An all-natural treatment to ease discomfort by encouraging anal glands to empty fully and prevent further build up. Contains, flaxseed, alfalfa, wild sage, kelp, turmeric, cayenne, wild apium seeds, fennel, green aniseed, pre and probiotics and enzymes.

Down Boy – £16.50 for 265ml

For healthy joints and mobility. Green lipped muscle (Glucosamine and MSM), apium seed, brewers yeast, ginger root, alfalfa, flaxseed, wild sage, thepax, pre and probiotics and enzymes combine to make down boy a highly effective treatment for joint or mobility problems.

Sprays & Extras

Fly Spray - £3.30 for 50ml

The herbal pet supplies fly spray is safe to use around children and ALL animals. Highly effective, natural, chemical free. Contains: quassia base, bog murtle & essential oils

House Training Spray - £3.30 for 50ml

To assist with house training or to deter and breakdown the natural enzymes caused by repeated urination, spray areas as often as required.

Tinctures/Creams & Gels

Paws For Applause - £3.50 for 20ml

Healing gel for cracked paws and pads.
Coconut oil solids, vitamin E oil, oat extract, aqua and essential oils of tea tree and rosemary combine to create a soothing treatment for sore, cracked and infected feet. This nourishing and restorative gel produce a protective layer over paws while heals damaged skin underneath.

Devils Claw Tincture £11.00 for 50ml

Great pain relief & treatment of inflammation & joint pain. Contains: Aqueous extracts of devils claw root (approx. 40%), liquorice, wild sage, camomile, plus mixed berry fruits or an organic apple cider vinegar base

Motion Portion- £11.00 for 50ml

Travel sickness treatment for pets. Contains, ginger root, valerian root and camomile tincture to calm pets and minimise travel sickness.

Chill Drops - £11.00 for 50ml

Restores calm to stressed pets. Contains, valerian root, hoodwort, camomile, wild sage and organic cyder vinegar combine to calm stressed, anxious or hyper pets.

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Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil  £8.50for 30ml

is an effective supplement for conditions such as dry skin and coat conditions.

Dorwest Keepers Mix £10.45 for 250g

Each of the 8 ingredients has identifiable benefits for specific parts of the body and so in combination this products supports the whole system and all the major organs.

Princes Salmon Oil £4.00 for 100ml

A natural way to support the health of your dog with benefits from balancing Omega 3/6 fatty acids to support general vitality and shiny coat.