At Davids Doggie Dinners we supply a varied balanced diet for those dogs who enjoy the natural choice of a raw dog food diet, often known as the BARF Diet. Based in Sittingbourne Kent we deliver throughout Kent, Essex and Sussex with a regular delivery run to Portsmouth. Frozen dog foods including tripe, beef and chicken with treats like pig snouts and trotters. We supply products from Manifold Valley Meats, Durham Animal Feeds, Natural Instincts and Natures Menu.

If your feeding a working dog, puppy, overweight pooch or your best friend we believe a natural and nutritious raw food diet is best. Any question contact us.

Phone: 07974 473073



October's Specials

Minced Lamb & Chicken - Was 75p Now 65p

Minced Lamb Heart - Was 80p Now 65p

Minced Duck - Was 80p Now 65p

Minced Lamb & Duck - Was 85p Now 65p

Minced Lamb & Beef - Was £1.00 Now 85p

Minced Tripe & Chicken - Was 70p Now 65p